Marika is a social anthropologist and a naturopath, specialized in alternative medicine and nutrition. She is of Finnish origin and speaks Swedish, Finnish, English and French. She is a mother of four and lives in Amman, Jordan.

With twenty years working with international organizations in development and humanitarian aid, mainly in Africa and Asia, she continues her humanitarian work in the Middle East, while also devoting herself to her passion for various cultures, natural and traditional healing methods. Based on her experience of different cultures and of various ways of experiencing illness, health and healing, she offers a unique ethnotherapeutic approach that takes into account the roots and habits of each and every person depending on where they come from, what they have experienced and where they see themselves going.

Marika holds a Masters degree in Social Anthropology and a diploma in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Phytotherapy from Ecole du Centre Naturopathique in Geneva and is ASCA certified. She recently completed her studies in Medical Anthropology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine.


Given full time humanitarian work, Marika is currently only consulting on specific demand.

Marika works with a holistic approach to improve your health and wellbeing through natural methods and remedies. She offers clients from multicultural backgrounds an ethnotherapeutic approach focused on the origins and culture of patients.

Chronic diseases, over- or underweight, imbalanced eating habits, stress, insomnia, headache, high cholesterol, intestinal discomfort, allergy or food intolerance related, hormonal imbalance, sport related injuries or preparation for high performance, she can help you and your children build on your own resources and permanently improve your health.

Marika can also guide you to choose healthy food products and help you create your own cosmetic products, all 100% natural and fantastic for your body and skin.