A holistic and culturally sensitive approach will guide you towards finding high quality food and creating habits that you enjoy and make you look and feel fabulous.

The Western diet is mainly characterized by the intake of large amounts of red meat, dairy products, refined grains and sugar. Large amounts of scientific evidence positively correlate Western diet to inflammatory diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular and autoimmune disorders, the so-called “diseases of civilization” or “lifestyle disease”. While there are of course other important factors influencing our health, our lifestyle is important part of the story. Poor nutrition often leads to poor intestinal health which in turn can be one of the major contributors to above mentioned health issues.

Holistic Nutrition is the use of everyday nutrition and eating habits to improve one’s health and reduce the risk of disease. An individual approach will be used to build up and maintaining a strong and healthy digestive system, as this is at the core of a healthy body. Using an ethnotherapeutic approach (ethno-nutrition), that recognizes the important role of environmental, cultural, social and psychological factors in dietary behaviour, careful attention is paid to the nutrition knowledge the client brings with him or her, based on social-cultural context and traditions.

During the consultation positive changes in eating habits will be introduced based on this knowledge and these resources to ensure practical, manageable and lasting changes. Clients will be oriented towards responsible eating and “real food”, learn to identify and appreciate seasonal food, combine nutritious ingredients and receive advice on where to buy real quality food at reasonable prices. Practical tools will also be provided to allow staying away from processed food and sugar.

Last but not least, responsible eating is also the single biggest way to reduce our environmental impact on the planet.