We live in a word on the move and are all nomads in one way or another. The majority of the population living in Geneva and surroundings have roots in different countries and cultures with different ways of experiencing health, diverse eating habits, and varying needs for maintaining balance in life. While we have a great adaptability, our roots remain with us, and constitute a force for stability and continuity.

Roots of a Nomad is launching an innovative approach with Ethnotherapy, combining prevention and healing through nutrition and medicinal plants with focus on the roots and traditions of people from multicultural backgrounds. Ethnotherapy proposes a truly holistic approach that gives room to the origins of each person and the impact it has on the person’s health. The ethnotherapist is familiar with different ways of perceiving illness and healing in different cultures, allowing the therapist to understand the meaning of the illnesses and the symptoms and to provide treatment that makes sense to the patient, a prerequisite for healing.

Marika, anthropologist and naturopath, proposes a culturally sensitive and unique ethnotherapeutic approach that considers the specific needs and strengths of each person. She draws on over twenty years of experience working on health-related issues in intercultural environments alongside her collaboration with Ayurvedic doctors, traditional healers and herbalists from various countries.