Coming back to Rejuvelac, this super vitalizing drink I discovered as a teenager. Rejuvelac is a probiotic drink made from fermentation of sprouted grains. It might not sound tasty but it is great and it ill support your gut microbiota and digestive health which in turn will boost your immune system.
You will need organic raw whole grains (quinoa, barley,wheat for example), a glass jar and a filter (cheesecloth, sprouting lid or strainer) and water.

Briefly you will need to soak your grains overnight, then rince and drain out water, let germinate for 2-3 days rincing now and then, then place in jar and cover with water and leave to ferment for a few days, Ready when water is cloudy and bubbly. Strain out the grains and drink, preferably in the morning on empty stomach, the taste is fresh, natural and pleasant. Can be stored in fridge for a week or so. You can add more water to the grains for a second fermentation, which will be faster. For more detailed explanations, you can easily find tutorials on-line.

Enjoy, really worth a try! Now that we have more time (at least some of us)